So You Want to Rent Tuxes for Your Wedding...

Thank you for choosing Frisco Fun & Formal for your special event. We are sure that you have probably browsed through the bridal magazines and Pinterest and the Jim’s Formal Wear site and now you are all ready to have the perfect wedding in which everyone in the wedding party looks just like models and everything goes smoothly and everybody smiles and laughs and cries happy tears and eats cake and then proceeds to live happily ever after.

We are sorry to inform you that your wedding will not be perfect.

Your tuxedos also will not be perfect. You and your groomsmen will not look like models. (Unless you actually are all models—then, possibly.)

You will probably not look like this guy.

You will probably not look like this guy.

When you rent a tuxedo, you are inherently dealing with imperfection. This is clothing made to fit everybody, and therefore nobody in particular. The pants are adjustable by three sizes, and the shirts cover a range rather than an exact size. So if you need a 34-inch sleeve, you’ll actually get a 35-inch sleeve. 

Also, much like bridesmaid dresses, every style does not complement every body type. So unless everyone in your wedding party looks pretty much the same, somebody is likely not going to be wearing the style that would be most flattering for them.

Please take a moment to consider eloping.

Still here? Fine, if you insist. Moving on.

So, here’s what we do. We try to get the best fit possible for each person. When all is said and done, if you work with us and understand the limitations we are all facing, we will have you looking pretty sharp. We understand this is a special day. We understand that many photographs will be taken. We will do everything we can to make everyone look good, while keeping this aspect of your wedding as painless as possible.

How the Tuxedo Process Works

Before we can place an order, you’ll first need to come in and pick out what styles everyone will be wearing. Then, all members of the wedding party will need to come in to get measured.

We have a few tuxedos here at our shop, but they are mostly your basic black tux. If you want something more specific, and/or need multiple matching outfits, then we’re going to have to order them through Jim’s Formal Wear. The warehouse where all of the Jim’s tuxedos are kept is in Salina, Kansas. (Jim’s has other warehouses but Salina is the one closest to us.) In case you don’t know where Salina is, it’s just about 500 miles east of Frisco.

So if we place an order for a Saturday wedding, the nice people in Salina pack up the tuxedos sometime during the week prior, and ship them via UPS to us. The UPS driver, no doubt enjoying the very scenic route through Kansas and eastern Colorado, brings them to Denver, then more UPS drivers bring them to Silverthorne and finally to our shop. Orders typically arrive here by the end of the day Wednesday—but sometimes on Thursday—for a weekend event. 

We’ll call you as soon as the tuxes arrive at our shop. At that point, the sooner that everyone can come in and try them on, the better. Since we do all the measurements in-house, mostly things fit correctly, but if for some reason we need to order a replacement please keep in mind that it takes a couple days for things to get here. Also, sometimes we do need to hem pants or jacket sleeves to get them just the right length.

Ideally we like to have everything completely squared away by Friday for any Saturday, Sunday or Monday event. That means by Friday we would have a shirt, pants and jacket that is the best possible fit for each person. In order to achieve that, everyone needs to come in by THURSDAY AT NOON to try on their outfit. Please pass this very critical piece of information along to every single person who is renting a tux (especially that one know the one) and make sure they get here in time.

Expectations vs. Reality

It makes us feel good to help people and be a part of their special event. However sometimes we try our best, but things are still not perfect, because most things in life aren’t perfect. Sometimes, someone is overly critical of the imperfections. We believe this is typically a result of unrealistic expectations.

Maybe they think we should be able to tailor a suit jacket to fit each person perfectly. Perhaps they don’t understand that some measurements were a little off. It could be that we needed to order a replacement item, and the UPS driver hasn't arrived at the shop yet. 

We always discuss things like expectations and the limitations of the formal wear industry with the person spearheading the rental process, but not everyone has been briefed beforehand. So to help keep everyone on the same page, we would definitely appreciate your sharing a link to this page with everyone who will be renting an outfit, as well as the many friends and relatives who might accompany these people when they come try it on.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this clears up most of what you need to know about renting a tuxedo from us, and what you can expect. If you have any other questions or concerns, we will be available to help in any way we can. Although—as we have reiterated—nothing is perfect, we will do all we can to see that you are satisfied with our service and happy with the final result of your tuxedo rental experience.

Stickers Stickers Stickers

Stickers are kind of a big deal here at Frisco Fun & Formal. In fact, by volume we sell more stickers than any other category.

Our top-selling sticker of 2018, from Grasshopper’s Mermaid, a local company based in Breckenridge.

Our top-selling sticker of 2018, from Grasshopper’s Mermaid, a local company based in Breckenridge.

I have a weird relationship with stickers. As a kid I would collect stickers and then I would never stick them on anything. Which is kind of funny because by definition, the point of stickers is to stick them on things. I’m not sure what my hangup was back then, but it seems to have carried over into adulthood. Although I don’t exactly collect stickers anymore, whenever I get one, I never do anything with it. For instance, I have never once put a sticker on my car. All the normal things people generally put stickers onto—laptops, helmets, coolers—I would never even consider. Years ago I somehow did manage to put two stickers on my snowboard, but that’s about it.

I am surrounded by stickers every day! These are from Snow Business, a local Summit County company.

I am surrounded by stickers every day! These are from Snow Business, a local Summit County company.

Then something happened that convinced me I needed to make a change and overcome my aversion to putting stickers on things. About a year ago, I got a new car. It’s a black Subaru Outback. So, now my car looks like roughly half the other cars in any given Colorado parking lot. I need something to help me identify my car, and stickers are an obvious choice. Then, after I recently visited the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California and got the awesome yellow bumper sticker I have always wanted, I decided it’s time to make this happen.

However, putting stickers on my car seems like an awfully big, permanent commitment, something I need to work my way up to. (You can see now why I have never gotten a tattoo.) So, I decided to start with some smaller, baby steps.

Adorable and rugged wood stickers from Dust City, a Denver company.

Adorable and rugged wood stickers from Dust City, a Denver company.

First, I put a small wood sticker of a sea turtle on my phone case. (I love sea turtles, so I decided to carry these in the shop. I do stuff like that sometimes, just because I can.) Wood stickers from Dust City are awesome and have a VERY strong adhesive and a protective coating. You can put one on your car (and I plan to, eventually!) and it will withstand even our harsh Colorado winters.

The wise sea turtle says, “start small.” So my first sticker is tiny, tasteful and low-commitment.

The wise sea turtle says, “start small.” So my first sticker is tiny, tasteful and low-commitment.

Next, I decided to go really crazy and put stickers ON A STICKER DISPLAY. This is basically what everyone in the world does when they have a sticker display in their shop, yet for years my Steamboat Sticker display has had two bare wood surfaces just begging to be covered with stickers. So I psyched myself up and started peeling the backs off stickers and STICKING THEM TO A THING.

Steamboat Stickers, located (naturally) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, makes so many fun designs. The Hippie Moose is one of my favorites. He will likely end up on my car.

Steamboat Stickers, located (naturally) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, makes so many fun designs. The Hippie Moose is one of my favorites. He will likely end up on my car.

It was liberating. Magical. I felt like finally, on a deep and meaningful level, I understood the true purpose of stickers.

The next day I came to work motivated to find another sticker-worthy surface. As it happened, I also needed to place an order with Grasshopper’s Mermaid, a local company with some of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen. So, I had the stickers laid out on the counter next to my laptop and…wait…my laptop.

My Macbook never looked better. What took me so long?!?

My Macbook never looked better. What took me so long?!?

Now I’m feeling ready to move on to the final step in conquering my sticker phobia. The car. There’s only one problem—my car is filthy right now. I will update this post when I have actual bumper stickers on my car!

How to Make a New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

It’s almost the new year, and for those of us who like to pretend that a different number at the end of the date equates to a fresh new start, it’s time to decide what we want to resolve to do in the upcoming year.

As for me, I resolve to update the Frisco Fun & Formal blog on a regular basis. It’s always potentially troublesome to write a blog post about how I’m going to write more often. What usually happens is I read it later and realize that months have gone by with no new updates. Hopefully the potential guilt and embarrassment will help inspire me to stay on track!

Which brings us to the number one tip for keeping a resolution:

Tell someone else about your resolution.

If you just keep it to yourself, it is awfully easy to just pretend you never made the resolution at all. Whether that means making a public announcement or just telling a few close friends about your intentions and asking them to check in from time to time, sharing your resolution can be a useful tool in remembering what you wanted to accomplish.

Here are a few more ideas to help make this the year you keep your New Year’s Resolution:

Be reasonable.

Back in my younger, more foolish years, I used to make long lists of resolutions. Of course, I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer number of changes I was trying to make all at once. The end result was that I did not accomplish any of them. Similarly, resolving to do something when you don’t have the time, energy or resources available to accomplish it will only end in frustration. One year I was tapped out with more than enough to do. I certainly didn’t need to add anything new to my schedule. I barely had time to maintain my everyday life. (Okay, if I’m being honest…that describes every year since I started having children.) That particular year my resolution was just to be happier, try to smile more and appreciate all that was good in my life. That resolution didn’t take up any extra time—it just required a little attitude shift. I’m not sure how much of a difference it made, but it certainly didn’t hurt to make the effort to focus on the positive.

You be you.

Don’t feel the pressure to make a resolution that isn’t true to who you are. Think big picture first, then fine tune to suit your personality. Want to be more active? What does that mean for you? Maybe you’re the type who needs to sign up for classes or schedule workouts with a friend. Or, maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe you know you will never make it to an organized class and you need to just do something at home. Are you a morning person or do you feel more energized at night? If you don’t figure out the “where,” “when” and “how,” you’ll never make any progress towards your new goal.

Consider a different kind of resolution.

Why do resolutions always have to be so challenging? Maybe they don’t! How about a resolution to eat more chocolate? Or take more baths? What if you resolved to outsource something you currently do—or just quit doing it altogether—so that you can get more rest? Think about the year ahead and what you might need to make your life better, more enjoyable or healthier.

Whatever your resolutions—or if you aren’t making any—here’s hoping your new year is a great one!

Extended Hours Ahead!

Here in Frisco, Colorado, November always starts out as the slowest, quietest month. So you might not believe it if you were walking down Main Street today, but very soon this place will be bustling with people!

Frisco’s Tree Lighting is on Friday, November 28 at 5:30 pm. We’ll be open until 8 pm that night, so come warm up with some wassail afterwards!

Frisco’s Tree Lighting is on Friday, November 28 at 5:30 pm. We’ll be open until 8 pm that night, so come warm up with some wassail afterwards!

We have several fun events coming up, including my favorite, Wassail Days. I’ll give more details in an upcoming post, but for now I just wanted to make a note that we’ll be extending our hours on a few upcoming dates. (Our normal business hours are 10-6 Monday - Saturday and 10-4 on Sundays.)

First of all, in general when things are especially busy I’ll often keep the shop open later than 6 pm. Sometimes I can’t stay late, but if I can, I’m happy to be accommodating. On the following dates, however, I know for certain the shop will open early and/or stay open late:

  • Black Friday, November 23: open 8 am - ? (At least 6 pm, later if it’s busy)

  • Small Business Saturday, November 24: open 8 am - ? (At least 6 pm, later if it’s busy)

  • Thursday, November 29: 10 am - 8 pm (The Winter Walk from 5 pm - 8 pm is an invitation-only event, but it is easy to be invited…just pick up an invitation at our shop or any participating Frisco business.)

  • Friday, November 30: 10 am - 8 pm (Wassail Days kicks off, click here for more info.)

  • Friday, December 21 - Monday, December 24: 9 am - ? (I always plan on opening early and sticking around late for a few days right before Christmas because hey, last minute shopping. We get it!)

  • We’ll be closed all day on both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Enjoy the holiday season! We hope you will come and visit us at Frisco Fun & Formal!

Getting Measured for a Tuxedo in Summit County

Do you need to be measured for a tuxedo? Do you live in Summit County or Vail but you're going to be in a wedding somewhere else? Is the groom hounding you to get your measurements in, but you're not sure where or how to get those measurements?


Don't worry. There's no need to drive to Denver--we can take your measurements right here in Summit County, at Frisco Fun & Formal. We'll get it done right, it costs only $10, and it doesn't take long at all. Please call us at 970-668-5732 to make sure that someone will be here who can take your measurements on the day you're planning to come in.

If you're wondering what it's like to get fitted for a tux, it's really very simple, and except maybe for the part where we put the measuring tape around your neck, not scary at all. We take a few simple measurements: neck, sleeve, chest, waist and outseam. (Don't let that movie The Hangover fool you--we don't measure your inseam at all, and you won't need to strip down to your underwear. In fact, we'd very much prefer that you don't.)

Next, we'll have you try on some pants and a jacket to get the most accurate measurements possible. No matter where you're actually renting your tuxedo from, the sizes are fairly standard. It really helps a lot to try on the pants along with a pair of dress shoes, so we can get the outseam measurement just right. And since everyone is shaped a little differently, it is always helpful to try on a jacket and see what size works best for you. 

That's pretty much it! In no time at all you'll have those measurements sent in, the groom will be off your back, and you can get on with your life.

Is it Too Late to Order a Tux for Summit High Prom 2018?

Well, the week of Summit High School's prom is upon us, and that means it's getting down to the wire for ordering your tuxedo! Of course everyone was on spring break last week, so don't worry, you're not alone if you just suddenly realized prom was less than a week away. And there's still time--just not much! Feel free to give us a call to ask questions, but here's some basic info about last-minute prom rentals:

Q. Is it too late to rent a tuxedo for prom?

A. No, it's not too late until Friday at 2 pm, but there are two important things to keep in mind: Shipping costs go up with each passing day, and availability is limited so you might not get your first choice. Also be aware that the ordering process can take a while as we try to secure your first, second, third, fourth, etc. choice until we find something that will work.

Q. Uh oh, I'm reading this AFTER Friday at 2 pm. Is there anything you can do?

A. Maybe. No promises, but call us at 970-668-5732 or stop by at 299 Main Street in Frisco, and we'll see if there is any way we can help.

Q. How much does it cost to rent an outfit?

A. The cost of a complete outfit ranges from around $100 to $140, pre-tax. There's also a $7 accidental damage waiver added to each rental. Shoes cost $25 to rent. For prom we are doing a free upgrade to microfiber shirts, which come in black, white, ivory, light blue or pink, and are available in fitted or regular styles. We also provide a pocket square at no cost. For a price list of our regular prices click here and scroll down.

At this point in the game, there will also be additional shipping charges, ranging from $20 to $70. These charges increase each day, so the sooner you can get in here, the better.

Q. So how does the process work?

A. First, we do measurements and choose styles and colors. Then, while you're still in the shop, we place the order, trying for your first choice, then if it isn't available, we keep trying different options until we are able to reserve an outfit. 

Q. Do I pay now or later? 

A. When you place the order we ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards the cost of the tux. The balance is due when you pick it up.

Q. What are your hours?

A. During prom week we are open from 10-6 every day, and often we end up staying later. On Tuesday, April 24 I am planning to stay late in order to accommodate those with after school commitments, but please call to let me know if you'd like to come in after 6 so I will know to wait for you!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 970-668-5732.




Wassail Days!

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is already over... and it's almost December!

That also means it's almost time for Wassail Days, the official kickoff of the holiday season here on Frisco Main Street.

Speaking of warm drinks...this is just a small sample of the mugs we have available here at Frisco Fun & Formal!

Speaking of warm drinks...this is just a small sample of the mugs we have available here at Frisco Fun & Formal!

If you're not familiar with Wassail Days, this fun event is 10 days during which businesses on Frisco Main Street serve up their own version of wassail (spiced cider) for you to sample. If you try 12 different wassails and get stamps on your "12 Sips of Wassail" cards, then turn them in at the Visitor Information Center, you earn a commemorative mug. (Supplies are limited--so if you want a mug, don't wait until the last minute to start wassailing!)

Wassail Days also offers up a bunch of fun activities throughout the ten days, beginning on Friday night with the tree lighting ceremony beginning at 5:30 in Frisco Historic Park. Friday night we'll be staying open late and serving up treats along with the wassail.

Each year we look forward to this season, with the snow-capped peaks, the colorful lights and decorations lining our quaint and festive Main Street, and everyone getting into the holiday spirit. 

We're excited to be trying out a new wassail recipe this year, so please stop by and let us know what you think! 

Enjoy Your Summer With Events For Families In Summit County, Colorado

Many people think of Summit County's resort areas as primarily for winter skiing. What you might not know is that those same resorts are excellent locations to take your family for the ultimate, stress-free family vacation during the summer months as well.

Get the kiddos out for a hike! With abundant hiking trails in the area, you can find the perfect day hike for any level.

Get the kiddos out for a hike! With abundant hiking trails in the area, you can find the perfect day hike for any level.

There are numerous opportunities to enjoy day trips to the unique vistas that the mountains provide. Activities such as rock climbing, biking, hiking, ATV trips, rappelling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and boating are just a small sample of the summer activities that the mountains have to offer. Do a little research online or contact one of our local visitor centers and you'll be well on your way to a great Rocky Mountain adventure. Read on for more information about how Summit County can provide you with the perfect destination for your next family trip.

All summer long, there are tons of special events and ongoing activities that are perfect for families. Here are three top-notch providers of fantastic family friendly activities and entertainment:


During the summer, Keystone offers a variety of fun family-friendly options. Keystone is also home to Kidtopia, with free daily activities for families such as nature hikes, face painting, arts and crafts, outdoor movies and more. Each year brings expanded offerings, new themes and even more entertainment. River Run Village, which is populated with great restaurants and shops, is a great area for the whole family to stroll around and enjoy a beautiful summer day in the mountains.


In Breckenridge, ride the free gondola up to check out exciting activities for all ages, like an elevated roller coaster, a zip line, alpine slide, a maze, gold panning, a climbing wall and a bungee trampoline. In addition you can find guided hikes, 4x4 tours, Segway tours and bike rides. 

The Mountain Top Children's Museum, which works hard to provide a safe space to explore educational and creative activities, is another great stopping point for younger families. Geared toward children under 10, it has a great staff and quality programming. It even includes an easily accessible Kid's Night Out for parents wishing to have a night out on the town, which is convenient because it is located right in the heart of Breckenridge near shops and restaurants.


If you happen to be in Frisco during the Fourth of July, you won't want to miss their legendary town celebration. You can begin the day with a pancake breakfast, follow-up with a local parade, enjoy bands all day long and then finish off with a spectacular fireworks show over the Frisco Bay Marina.

But if you miss out on that celebration, Frisco is still a glorious place to spend a summer day. Several hiking trails and recreational paths are located right in town, a free historic park and museum, water activities at the Frisco Bay Marina and many shops and restaurants that cater to younger visitors. Frisco's Main Street is relatively calm and quiet with an easygoing vibe perfect for all ages.

With the gorgeous views, the extensive activities, and the family friendly resorts, your family can have a wonderful summer vacation in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.