Three Types of Jewelry Gifts for Men

This is a guest post by fashion and jewelry writer Ruhi Jiwani.

This article from The Art of Manliness expounds upon the power of jewelry, saying, “for better or worse, it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in society.” When you’re a man, jewelry says even more about you because you’re making an obvious choice to wear it. Not every man in present-day society chooses to make jewelry a part of his wardrobe. So when you make that choice to wear jewelry, you’re saying something about who you are. Based on the three types of jewelry styles men usually adopt, you can decide what types of gifts to give them.


Some men won’t wear more than one piece of jewelry, usually a wristwatch or a wedding ring. In general, the impression this creates is of someone rather conservative. You see a man who’s dressed in a formal suit without any jewelry and you might think of someone rather strict and rigid. 

If you're giving a gift to someone with a minimalist jewelry style, keep in mind that this person isn't going to use jewelry to express who he is. He may actually be a very liberal, easy-going person but he doesn't wear jewelry because he doesn't know where to begin. The impression he ends up making is one of severity. Give him a gift of jewelry so that his wardrobe expresses his personality; he'll probably appreciate the thought.


There are people who don’t wear too much jewelry but when they fall in love with a piece, they’ll wear it constantly and make it a part of themselves. This can be an endearing trait. Don’t you have any friends who wear the same necklace day in and day out? It doesn’t matter whether they’re wearing shorts and a t-shirt or a blazer with jeans. That necklace is always there. You come to associate it with them.

If this is the way in which your male friend wears jewelry, you might want to give him something different and unique-looking. Encourage him to take a few chances because there are a lot of great pieces out there that he might like if he just gave them a chance.

These rings and other jewelry by Navajo artist Justin Morris are very popular with men.

These rings and other jewelry by Navajo artist Justin Morris are very popular with men.


We all know someone who wears a lot of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and watches. Sometimes, you can just indulge people like this and laugh off their tendency to wear a lot of jewelry. At other times, however, it might seem inappropriate. For example, you probably shouldn't wear a lot of jewelry if you’re going to a formal event.

So if you’re giving a gift to the kind of guy who likes to pile on the jewelry, get him something with a more sober look so he can wear it to work and formal events. He probably already has a lot of chunky jewelry that he wears when he hangs out with his buddies.

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