All I Want for Christmas is...Socks?

You may have heard it's a sign you are officially a grownup when you get socks for Christmas. But socks do not have to be boring. What if the socks have flamingos on them? Or maybe chili peppers? Or sharks, or pugs, or sock monkeys? Not boring.

Okay, so you probably are a grownup if you get socks. It's even more likely if you purchase socks for other people. But there's no reason they can't be fun socks. Hey, grownups can have fun.

Looking for a little something for a guy on your list? Guess what, guys wear socks too. And many guys have a sense of humor and might appreciate socks with army guys, or sugar skulls, or robots. Or bacon. You can probably think of someone off the top of your head who needs bacon socks.

For the sports enthusiast, we've got your Denver teams covered. We carry Broncos socks because, well, it's the Broncos. We also have Rockies socks because we're loyal like that, and eventually they're bound to have another good year:

Speaking of having a good year, we also have Kansas City Royals socks, because we're originally from Kansas City. We're currently down to our last pair (no surprise that supplies are running low at this time and they're on backorder) but we will continue to carry them because again, we're loyal like that. The Packers? We have no affiliation, but the previous owner of the shop carried these socks and people love them. Most loyal fan base in professional sports. 

If you're looking for a sock that also showcases your favorite state (that would be Colorado of course) we have those too.

As for our personal favorites...well you might have noticed it gets pretty cold up here in the Colorado mountains. That's why in winter we love our super-duper thick warm cozy socks. They're like a soft fleece jacket for your feet. 

And well, just because socks are considered the ultimate grown up gift, you can give fun socks to kids too! Especially when they'r really little and have not caught on so much about toys just yet. We have some adorable toddler socks as well as some styles for the big kids. 

Come check out our extensive sock collection at Frisco Fun & Formal, where we are guessing you can find a pair of socks for nearly any grownup, kid, or grownup kid on your list!