How to Write the Perfect Post Card

You're having a great time on vacation, and you want to send post cards to everyone back home to let them know you were thinking of them. The only problem: You never know what to write.

Never fear, here's some great advice from professional writer Eric Benac to help you write the perfect post card:  

Choosing a Post Card

Think carefully of the person to whom you're sending the card. Are they somebody who would appreciate a humorous post card or a more serious one? Would a silly card or maybe something a little risqué be appropriate? If you're not sure, scenery is always a safe bet.

Brainstorm the Message

Flip the card to the blank side and take a good look at the room where you can write. There's only so much you can fit on the back. What exactly do you want to say?

Take a moment to consider the trip and everything you've seen. Do you want to write a highly condensed version of everything you've done or a detailed description of a single event?

Drafting the Message

It may not be a bad idea to draft your message before you write it. After all, you don't want to run out of room on the card or write something inane. Write a few draft messages on a separate sheet of paper before you begin.

Bonus tip: always write a post card in ink. Not only will it be clearer and easier to read than pencil lead, it won't smear or fade away as quickly.

Writing the Message

Here comes the fun part: actually writing the message. Start by addressing the post card to the recipient. Try to use a greeting appropriate to the area, such as “aloha!” for Hawaii and “howdy!” for Texas.

Carefully write the message underneath the greeting. Write in small, clean, and even letters to make it easier to read. Integrate cool details, unique events, and your own sense of humor into each word.

Bonus tip: Make sure to write in the correct portion of the card: the right-hand side is where you add the address and the stamp. The left side is where you write your message.

Follow these steps and you should be a post card master in no time!