Four Tips for a Summer Wedding in the Colorado Mountains

The mountains can be a breathtaking location for a wedding. The crisp, clear air, the glorious sunshine, and the amazing views create a wonderful atmosphere. There are some important things to be aware of when planning any event in the Rockies. Here are four things to keep in mind for a summer wedding in the Colorado mountains:


1. Weather

As the saying goes in Colorado, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Weather in the mountains is often unpredictable and changes quickly. When planning your wedding, be sure to include a contingency for bad weather. If your location does not include an indoor gathering place, consider renting an event tent. And although it isn’t common, it does sometimes snow in July in the Rockies! It might be a good idea to advise your guests to bring a jacket in their luggage. Mountain evenings are typically rather cool also.

2. Summer Afternoon Thunder Storms

Although Colorado is known for its unpredictable weather, summer afternoon thunderstorms are actually rather predictable in Summit County. They typically arrive in mid-afternoon, and very often clear out towards the evening. Rain won’t usually ruin an entire wedding, but it is important to plan for inclement weather. The good news: the rain is often followed by some late afternoon sunshine, and a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky.

3. Altitude

Make sure to consider the effects of altitude when visiting the mountains. This is especially true if you or your wedding guests are traveling from lower elevations. Altitude sickness typically occurs at elevations above 8,000 ft, and the town of Frisco, Colorado is at 9,075 ft. Some wedding venues are even higher up. The very best way to prevent altitude sickness is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your trip, and even more while you're in the mountains. Unfortunately coffee, alcohol and soft drinks do not count as good options for staying hydrated. Speaking of which, you'll want to take it slow when consuming alcohol at higher altitudes. You might consider asking a member of your bridal party to be the designated “water monitor.” When you're busy and having fun, it's easy to forget to drink enough water, but staying hydrated can mean the difference between a glorious mountain wedding experience and feeling miserable on your special day.

4. Intense Sun Exposure

With less atmosphere between you and the sun’s rays, severe sunburns are not uncommon in the Colorado mountains. Be sure to wear sun protection--it wouldn’t be very pleasant to start your honeymoon sunburned. If you’d rather not smell like sunscreen on your big day, look for an unscented brand ahead of time. You might even consider including a stylish parasol as a wedding accessory. You and your bridesmaids with parasols would make for a cute photo while also providing some sun protection. In the days leading up to the wedding, when everyone is out hiking and biking, be sure to encourage everyone to wear sunscreen and hats. That way you can hopefully avoid having any bright red groomsmen and bridesmaids in your wedding photos!

We hope these tips will help you avoid any problems and enjoy your big day to the fullest in the lovely Colorado Rockies. For information on tuxedo or suit rental in Summit County, or for a special Colorado memento (or some all-natural sunscreen and lip balm) during your visit, please contact us!