Gift Ideas for a Colorado Wedding

If you have the privilege of attending a beautiful mountain wedding in Colorado, you're in for some breathtaking views, and you'll certainly find plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy before and after the wedding. One thing you won't want to spend too much time doing is shopping for the perfect wedding gift.

Colorado Christmas ornaments make a great gift for a Colorado wedding

Colorado Christmas ornaments make a great gift for a Colorado wedding

In an effort to give you more time to enjoy the crisp mountain air, and less time staring at store shelves, here are a few of our favorite ideas for Colorado wedding gifts.

  • Columbine Flower Seeds - The Columbine is the state flower of Colorado. It is a beautiful, hearty flower that comes in many shades, is easy to grow and blooms annually. The newlyweds can plant the Columbines at their new home, and every year when they bloom the happy couple will remember their Colorado wedding. This affordable present also can be a thoughtful personal addition to a gift from their registry.

  • Colorado Microbrew - Colorado is known for its craft brewing. Whether you grace the couple with a beer from New Belgium Brewery in Northern Colorado or a local favorite from Dillon Dam Brewery or Breckenridge Brewery, you simply can't go wrong. Add a few Colorado-themed pint glasses and the bride and groom can enjoy your gift long after the beer has been consumed.

  • Ornaments - When the newlyweds enjoy their first Christmas as a married couple, they will love having a memento from their wedding day. You can choose a Colorado ornament to remind them of the day they shared their love publicly in the mountains. If this is a destination wedding a souvenir is a thoughtful gift, because the couple will probably be too busy to pick something out for themselves.