Hey Colorado! Time to Plan for Your Prom Tuxedo

April is almost here, which means Prom Season is right around the corner!

While you're pondering the big decision of whether to go to prom--and if so, with whom--all we're thinking about here at Frisco Fun & Formal is your tuxedo. And more specifically, when you're going to come in and order it. 

Because while we think Prom Season is tons of fun, we also know all too well that it can become a very STRESSFUL time when you guys wait until the last minute to get your order placed. That's why we've put together a helpful little Q&A with everything you need to know about getting your tux this year:

What is so stressful about ordering a few tuxes?

Well, the problem is that pretty much every high school in the country has their prom on a Saturday in April. And there are only so many Saturdays in April. That means Jim's, the company we rent our tuxes through, quickly starts running out of certain styles, especially in the most common sizes worn by high school students. Even some colors of vests and ties become unavailable just because that happens to be a popular color in that particular year.

When is my Prom?

Here's what we know so far (we will update this list if we receive orders from any other schools):

  • South Park High School  - April 16, 2016
  • Eagle Valley Schools  - April 16, 2016 
  • Lake County High School  - April 23, 2016
  • Summit County High School - April 30, 2016

What if I know I'm going to prom, but I don't know what color dress my date will be wearing?

Not a problem. Come in now anyway! We can go ahead and order your tux so that you'll have a better chance of getting the jacket and pants you want. Then we'll help you select a nice vest and tie that will look classy with any color of dress. This will be your "placeholder" tie and vest, so you'll at least have something reserved. Then if you do decide you want to switch to a different color, just give us a call or come in with a swatch, dress, or picture of the dress, and we can update your order. 

Secondly, it's not necessary these days to be all matchy-matchy with your date. It's perfectly acceptable to wear a neutral, classy color for your tie and/or vest no matter what color dress your date will be wearing.

When do I pay for my tux?

We ask for a $40 deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance is due when you pick it up. Of course, you're welcome to pay in advance, which can save you a little time when you come to pick it up.

When do I pick up my tux?

The tuxedos are shipped from Kansas and they arrive at our shop a few days prior to the event. Typically this means Wednesday, but with prom the time frame tends to get a little tighter. As long as it wasn't a last-minute order, they will almost always arrive by Thursday. We'll call you just as soon as it gets here, so that you can come try everything on and make sure it works.

When do I need to return it?

If possible, tuxedos should be returned on Sunday, the day after prom. Because they need those tuxes for next weekend's prom! However, if you need to return it a little late, please speak with us to make other arrangements. 

How much will it cost?

Please see our pricing information to get an idea of our price range. When you come in we can show you all the options. Jim's also has a prom special: for $99.95 you can get a complete ensemble with a black jacket, choice of pleated or flat front pants, shirt, tie and vest of your choice. Although you don't get to choose the style of coat, you know it will be a black tuxedo jacket...so if you hate making decisions or having to pick a first, second and third favorite, this might be just the deal for you.

Can my friend and I dress up as the guys from Dumb and Dumber?

As a matter of fact, you can! If you're wanting to go for something less conventional, we can order tuxes in light blue and orange, including the ruffled shirt and large bow tie. We also have camouflage tuxes and accessories, and even a red tuxedo jacket. If you're wanting one of these items, just ask us, because you won't see most of these in our regular tuxedo catalog.

Also, there's a good chance these will go fast, so if you want an unusual color for your tux, don't delay!

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 970-668-5732


(Did we say that already?)