We're Thankful for Snow in Summit County

The snow has arrived!

My morning walk...

My morning walk...

Personally I love warm weather and sunshine. Winter is long enough around here, and if I can get a few more hikes in before the snow hits, I'm not one to complain. 

But even I had to admit the dry, unseasonably warm November was dragging on a bit too long. Things were getting awfully dried out around here, and it was so warm we noticed some trees starting to bud. Several ski resort opening days got delayed, and at the shop we met some disappointed visitors who were here for their ski vacations and had to settle for a few open runs at A-Basin.

When Thanksgiving is a week away, the white stuff is a welcome sight, and last Thursday, we certainly got some--along with colder temperatures adequate for snow-making--just in time for the resorts to open. 

Then this morning, more snow! I'm not sure what the totals are, but it is definitely starting to feel a lot like winter time here on Frisco Main Street. I think I'm ready for Thanksgiving now.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we'll be open only from 9-11 am on Thanksgiving morning, then we will be closing and going home to relax and celebrate the holiday.

Stay Healthy While You Travel - Consider the Elevation

No one wants to be sick on vacation. Your time off work is supposed to be time when you can relax and rejuvenate. Since you don't want to waste your valuable vacation time feeling miserable, it's important that you do everything you can to stay healthy while you travel.  

Of course, you can do the normal things. Get plenty of sleep in the week leading up to your trip, take some vitamin C, wash your hands often, and try to stay away from people who are contagious. All of these little things will help you prevent illness before your vacation begins.

However, when you are traveling to the beautiful mountain communities of Summit County, Colorado, you also need to keep in mind how the elevation might impact you. Some people start to feel sick because of the increased elevation, but there are things you can do to minimize your risk.

First, stay hydrated! Your body releases more fluids at higher elevations so you'll need to drink more water to compensate and avoid headaches.

Speaking of fluids, you might want to go a little easier than normal on alcoholic beverages. Alcohol hits you harder at higher elevations, so wait and see how you feel before you have a second drink.

If you have even a slight cold, consider taking a decongestant before going to a higher elevation and before coming back down from a higher elevation. When you are congested, your ears will have a more difficult time popping to equalize the pressure as you change elevations. If you've ever experienced ears that are stuffed up, it is pretty annoying and uncomfortable.

If you know you're prone to altitude sickness, check with a doctor before your trip to see if there is a medication that could alleviate altitude sickness. Hopefully it won't be necessary, but you will be so glad you have it if you need it! Ibuprofen can also help if you find yourself with a headache from the elevation.

These precautionary measures, combined with generally taking it easy for the first few days, will make your time in the mountains much more enjoyable. 

A Gift Shop Hopping Guide to Frisco, Colorado

If you enjoy shopping, there's nothing quite like checking out the gift shops in a new location or revisiting an old favorite. If you're headed to Summit County, Colorado this winter, the two primary Main Street shopping areas are Frisco and Breckenridge. There's also the Outlets at Silverthorne, as well as some shops at Copper Mountain and Keystone resorts.

Our shop, Frisco Fun & Formal, is located right on Frisco Main Street, and we absolutely love being there. You'll find a slow pace and small town atmosphere, free parking, and a good variety of independently owned shops without being overwhelming.

At our gift shop on Frisco Main Street, we sell this locally-made card that has a photo of Frisco Main Street.

At our gift shop on Frisco Main Street, we sell this locally-made card that has a photo of Frisco Main Street.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your shopping time on Frisco Main Street:

Check out the Options

Not all gift shops are created equal: some carry a wide range of items (like us!) while others are more specialized. In Frisco, you'll find books, toys, jewelry, souvenirs, antiques, candy, accessories and clothing for the whole family. Decide what interests you most, and get hopping!

You might also want to start with a list of people you are shopping for, think about the kinds of shops you need to visit, and keep track of what you've purchased as you go. If you see something along the way that you're interested in but not quite sure, you can also jot down the item, price and name of the shop so that you can come back later.

Look for the Local Angle

Obviously gift shops in popular vacation spots highlight activities and features of the local area. In Frisco you'll find all types of skiing and mountain-centric items. Some of our favorite items here at our shop are coasters, ornaments and picture frames made from local beetle-kill wood.

Visiting our local gift shops is a fun way to support small independent businesses and keep things thriving so there will continue to be plenty of great places to browse.

Make the Most of Your Shopping Time

As you're on your gift shopping adventure, make sure you don't fall victim to hunger or dehydration. Low blood sugar does not make for an enjoyable shopping trip. Give yourself plenty of time so you can eat and drink along the way as needed--that way you won't feel rushed when browsing. Frisco Main Street has plenty of great options for food and drinks, whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want to sit down for a nice meal.

We hope to see you this winter on Frisco Main Street. Happy shop hopping!

Summit County: A Premier Vacation Destination

Guest post by Deanna Reid

Whether you crave a trip filled with outdoor adventure or a peaceful, relaxing week in a breathtaking mountain setting, consider a vacation to Summit County, Colorado. Located in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, Summit County offers countless year-round activities--even some very unusual ones! Here's a glimpse into why thousands of people make this area their vacation destination.

Simply going for a walk on the rec path in Frisco is scenic and fun!

Simply going for a walk on the rec path in Frisco is scenic and fun!


No matter what your budget, you can find the ideal place to stay. From a small budget hotel to the five world-class ski resorts giving you the ultimate in luxury accommodations, you will be cozy and warm while enjoying the stunning views of the Rockies.


Let it snow! Skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, ice skating, and hockey can keep you moving. The problem will be trying to fit all of these exciting experiences into your vacation. For some unique frozen fun, try snowkiting, ice climbing or dogsledding. That will be a story to tell your grandchildren about one day!


The mild summers in Summit County provide the ideal background for days spent outside in nature. Hike the mountains, fish the streams, go camping, raft the rapids, or bike the scenic roads. Don't forget to step away from the mainstream and try something new. Go balloon riding, go on a cattle drive, or try paragliding. You will be the life of the party when you give your play-by-play description of your exploits!


There are no massive, impersonalized shopping malls where all products seem the same in each store. Instead, you will find quaint shopping areas full of unique products and friendly employees. Shop for local souvenirs, hand-made jewelry and art, or ski gear. Visit the local outlet mall for great discounted buys.


What is more pleasing to the soul than good food? In the local towns and resorts, look for the handmade candy shops or for locally-produced treats. Enjoy a mouth-watering dinner at a 5-star restaurant or sample some local cuisine. If you are searching for an unconventional dining experience, try taking in a chuckwagon dinner and wild west show or treat yourself to fondue.

To describe a dream vacation to Summit County in one word: FUN! 

Halloween in Frisco, Colorado

It may be a quiet time of year in Summit County, but on Halloween night Frisco Main Street comes alive with crowds of ghouls, zombies, superheroes and cartoon characters. It's Trick-or-Treat Street time!


On Monday, October 31, from 6 to 8 pm, businesses up and down Main Street in Frisco will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. It's always a fun, lively night with throngs of kids and their families making their way up and down the street.

A Safe Place to Trick-or-Treat

There are definitely a few great neighborhoods in Summit County for trick-or-treating, but many locals live in areas that don't have a lot of full-time residents, are located in outlying areas, or for one reason or another don't necessarily lend themselves to a safe or fun Halloween night. Trick-or-Treat Street on Frisco Main Street provides a safe, well-lit alternative while still providing kids with that classic walking-down-the-street, going door-to-door experience. The street will be closed to all vehicles from 5:30 to 8:30, turning Main Street a great big pedestrian zone.

See Your Friends

With a large chunk of the community gathered in one area during Trick or Treat Street, kids and adults alike will often run into their friends as they walk around. It's kind of like a giant Halloween Party on the street!

Bundle Up

If you're planning to come, just remember to dress warm! It gets chilly this time of year, especially after the sun goes down. (And it's not unusual for it to snow on Halloween night!) So bundle up, and put some layers on under the kids' costumes. Even if it's not that chilly yet at 6, you can bet it will be downright cold by 8 pm!

Visit the Haunted House--If You Dare!

For the older crowd, Frisco's Haunted Castle will be open on Friday, October 28 through Monday, October 31, from 6 to 10 pm. This haunted house, recommended for ages 7 and up, benefits the Mountain Mentors Teen Program, Activities Run by Youth. The haunted house is located at 110 3rd Avenue, on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Granite Street.

At Frisco Fun & Formal, we'll be dressed up and outside, ready with our stash of candy at 6 pm. Hope to see you there!

Seasonal Decorating Tips for Your Colorado Condo

Happy autumn! What a wonderful time of year it is for amping up your home decor. Whether your condo is a well-deserved vacation retreat, a weekend hideaway, or your permanent residence, the upcoming holidays warrant a little seasonal flair.

These Mixture Candles make a simple statement. They're made with 100% soy wax, and they smell absolutely amazing.

These Mixture Candles make a simple statement. They're made with 100% soy wax, and they smell absolutely amazing.

The next few months are all about color, comfort and childhood memories. This is the time of year most people begin to think about holiday decorations. With strategic planning and a little creativity, you can have a classy look that will take you straight into the new year. Here are a few suggestions that add some flair with little investment.

  • Simple is always classic and beautiful - keep it classy, keep it natural and keep it fresh.

  • Concentrate on just one or two areas and create small vistas, or focal points of interest. Begin with some basics, then embellish.

  • A classically set dining table gives your home a welcoming feel. Use gold chargers and simple white china. Crystal candlesticks and a large clear vase are all you need for the beginnings of several distinct looks.

  • In November, cinnamon colored cloth napkins and candles add the pop of color. Scout out the thrift stores for an old cable knit sweater in a warm honey tone. Cut off the sleeves and slip one over the vase; then fill it with branches of colorful leaves. Flank the centerpiece with small pumpkins.

  • In December, use deep green napkins tied with red ribbons, or use rustic napkin rings. Place a glass filled with Christmas tree branches inside the large vase. Fill the space between the branches with peppermint candy. Use a white permanent marker to stripe red candles and add a few small wrapped gifts to the tablescape.

  • A mantle or an entryway table is an area where you can let your imagination run wild. A small red wagon filled with apples and a jar of candy corn is perfect for November. In December, layer it with classic children's holiday storybooks and a few stuffed teddy bears.

Timeless holiday decor for small spaces doesn't need to be expensive or labor intensive. Just think simple. If you're looking for some candles, napkin rings, or the perfect item for your focal point, visit our gift shop for some simple and unique ideas.

Great Hikes: McCullough Gulch is a Glorious Fall Hike in Breckenridge

We love all the seasons here in Summit County, but fall might just be our favorite. When the air starts to get a little crisp and cooler weather begins to set in, you simply have to take in all the incredible fall colors. The leaves have held on this year and there is still a little color to be seen, but prime viewing usually happens from mid-September through early October.

We also can have snow in September and October, making some of our fall days feel like winter! But usually after a few days the weather turns warmer again and it truly feels like autumn. (Wear layers, though! Nights and mornings can be really cold!) Bluebird skies make for perfect hiking conditions. And there are so, so many hikes to choose from.

One of the best hikes for enjoying the changing leaves near Summit County is McCullough Gulch just south of Breckenridge. This incredible hike features stunning views of Quandary Peak, and it features a lake and a waterfall. Remember your layers since it can be windy near the lake. Don't forget to pack snacks and plenty of water.

The hike is uphill, but not too steep, and it has plenty of places where you can stop and rest. Of course, your return will be downhill and it's always nice to have the finishing leg of the hike be a little easier. 

Wildlife is commonly spotted, so be sure to bring a camera in case you glimpse a mountain goat, and of course you'll want it along anyway so you can take plenty of photos of the fall foliage. 

If you capture a magical moment on your hike, we have plenty of frames--like this one made in Colorado from beetle kill wood.

If you capture a magical moment on your hike, we have plenty of frames--like this one made in Colorado from beetle kill wood.

There are plenty of great trails in Frisco and Silverthorne as well as Breckenridge. On a glorious fall day, you really can't go wrong in Summit County. Happy hiking! 


So You Want to Rent Tuxes for Your Wedding...

Thank you for choosing Frisco Fun & Formal for your special event. We are sure that you have probably browsed through the bridal magazines and Pinterest and the Jim’s Formal Wear site and now you are all ready to have the perfect wedding in which everyone in the wedding party looks just like models and everything goes smoothly and everybody smiles and laughs and cries happy tears and eats cake and then proceeds to live happily ever after.

We are sorry to inform you that your wedding will not be perfect.

Your tuxedos also will not be perfect. You and your groomsmen will not look like models. (Unless you actually are all models—then, possibly.)

You will probably not look like this guy.

You will probably not look like this guy.

When you rent a tuxedo, you are inherently dealing with imperfection. This is clothing made to fit everybody, and therefore nobody in particular. The pants are adjustable by three sizes, and the shirts cover a range rather than an exact size. So if you need a 34-inch sleeve, you’ll actually get a 35-inch sleeve. 

Also, much like bridesmaid dresses, every style does not complement every body type. So unless everyone in your wedding party looks pretty much the same, somebody is likely not going to be wearing the style that would be most flattering for them.

Please take a moment to consider eloping.

Still here? Fine, if you insist. Moving on.

So, here’s what we do. We try to get the best fit possible for each person. When all is said and done, if you work with us and understand the limitations we are all facing, we will have you looking pretty sharp. We understand this is a special day. We understand that many photographs will be taken. We will do everything we can to make everyone look good, while keeping this aspect of your wedding as painless as possible.

How the Tuxedo Process Works

Before we can place an order, we need the following:

  • The date of the wedding

  • The styles you want each person to wear

  • The names and measurements for everyone who will be renting a tux

We have a few tuxedos here at our shop, but they are mostly your basic black tux. If you want something more specific, and/or need multiple matching outfits, then we’re going to have to order them through Jim’s Formal Wear. The warehouse where all of the Jim’s tuxedos are kept is in Salina, Kansas. (Jim’s has other warehouses but Salina is the one closest to us.) In case you don’t know where Salina is, it’s just about 500 miles east of Frisco.

So if we place an order for a Saturday wedding, the nice people in Salina pack up the tuxedos sometime during the week prior, and ship them via UPS to us. The UPS driver, no doubt enjoying the very scenic route through Kansas and eastern Colorado, brings them to Denver, then more UPS drivers bring them to Silverthorne and finally to our shop. Orders typically arrive here by the end of the day Wednesday—but sometimes on Thursday—for a weekend event. 

We’ll call you as soon as the tuxes arrive at our shop. At that point, the sooner that everyone can come in and try them on, the better. They need to get in here by Thursday at 2 pm, in order to have a good shot at ordering any replacements that might be necessary. If your wedding is on Sunday, we can still order replacements up until Friday at 2 pm, and they will arrive by noon on Saturday.

Getting stuff shipped overnight to be delivered the day of the wedding is not our favorite thing, for the following reasons:

  • It costs a lot.

  • If anything at all goes wrong—inclement weather, human error, etc—we are out of time to do anything about it.

  • Stress levels for everyone involved tend to rise due to the uncertainty, and studies show that too much stress is bad for you.

Ideally we like to have things squared away by Friday for a weekend event. That means by Friday we would have, in the shop a shirt, pants and jacket that is the best possible fit for each person. In order to achieve that, we need each one of these people to come into the shop on Wednesday—or Thursday by 1 pm at the latest—and try on their clothes. Or, if that is not possible, they would have had their ensemble drop shipped to their home earlier in the week and would call to let us know if anything doesn’t fit.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Everyone renting a tux needs to get into the shop ASAP. We totally understand that you would rather go skiing, or hiking, or golfing, or drinking, than try on some dress clothes. But it's very, very important. You will probably get sick of hearing us reminding you about how very important this is…but then, one of your groomsmen is going to stroll into the shop on Friday night and he won’t be able to button his jacket and THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. So please understand that it’s your responsibility to pass this very critical piece of information along to every single person who is renting a tux (especially that one guy...you know who he is) and make sure they understand what we are telling you here.

A Word About the Tuxedo Business

You are going to spend a significant amount of money on these rental outfits. (Remember, we suggested eloping. Just saying.) However, as the middleman in this equation, we don’t get to keep all of that money. In other words, we’re not in this to become insanely wealthy. At the end of the day, we’re happy if everyone leaves the store satisfied and nobody is mean to us. 

Someday in the future, all tuxes will probably be rented online, or traditions will change and people won’t wear tuxedos for weddings anymore, or we will all live in space. If/when any of these things happen and the formal wear rental industry is disrupted, we will not be super sad. Because really, this whole process can be an awful lot of work for relatively small monetary return. 

In the meantime though, we have to admit it can be a lot of fun to help people get all decked out for their special day. And, we feel sort of compelled to keep doing this crazy tux rental business, because Frisco Fun & Formal is a bit of an institution here in Summit County, and quite frankly if we don’t offer tux rental, it's likely nobody else around here will either. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. Everyone could go to Denver to rent a tux, or buy one online, or whatever. But as long as people keep wanting to work with a local business, we’d like to keep providing this service.

Expectations vs. Reality

It makes us feel good to help people and be a part of their special event. However sometimes we try our best, but things are still not perfect, because most things in life aren’t perfect. Sometimes, someone is overly critical of the imperfections. We believe this is typically a result of unrealistic expectations.

Maybe they think we should be able to tailor a suit jacket to fit each person perfectly. Perhaps they don’t understand that some measurements were a little off. It could be that we needed to order a replacement item, and the UPS driver hasn't arrived at the shop yet. 

We always discuss things like expectations and the limitations of the formal wear industry with the person spearheading the rental process, but not everyone has been briefed beforehand. So to help keep everyone on the same page, we would definitely appreciate your sharing this link with everyone who will be renting an outfit, as well as the many friends and relatives who might accompany these people when they come try it on.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this clears up most of what you need to know about renting a tuxedo from us,  and what you can expect. If you have any other questions or concerns, we will be available to help in any way we can. Although—as we have reiterated—nothing is perfect, we will do all we can to see that you are satisfied with our service and happy with the final result of your tuxedo rental experience.

Last Chance for Prom Orders, Summit High School!

Hi there, Summit High students! We understand that your social life is complicated, and some of you may still be waffling about whether to go to prom or not.

I'm so excited to finally be on the Prom Court! (just kidding...someone left this in their tux pocket)

I'm so excited to finally be on the Prom Court! (just kidding...someone left this in their tux pocket)

We also know you have many activities and things going on, but if you're planning to order a tuxedo from us, please get in here as soon as you can.

Technically, you can still order a tux up until Friday at 2:30 pm, BUT it's gonna cost you.

Here are the added shipping charges as of today, Sunday April 24. If your order is placed before:

  • Monday 4/25             additional shipping is $10
  • Tuesday 4/26            additional shipping is $15
  • Wednesday 4/27       additional shipping is $20
  • Thursday 4/28           additional shipping is $50
  • Friday 4/29               additional shipping is $70

Also, as it gets closer to the date, things start to become unavailable, so you might not get your first choice of styles or colors. However, never fear! We can still set you up with a tuxedo. If necessary, we can even try to put together an outfit for you with what we have on hand.

The bottom line: get in here ASAP if you want to rent a tux for this year's prom!

Hey Colorado! Time to Plan for Your Prom Tuxedo

April is almost here, which means Prom Season is right around the corner!

While you're pondering the big decision of whether to go to prom--and if so, with whom--all we're thinking about here at Frisco Fun & Formal is your tuxedo. And more specifically, when you're going to come in and order it. 

Because while we think Prom Season is tons of fun, we also know all too well that it can become a very STRESSFUL time when you guys wait until the last minute to get your order placed. That's why we've put together a helpful little Q&A with everything you need to know about getting your tux this year:

What is so stressful about ordering a few tuxes?

Well, the problem is that pretty much every high school in the country has their prom on a Saturday in April. And there are only so many Saturdays in April. That means Jim's, the company we rent our tuxes through, quickly starts running out of certain styles, especially in the most common sizes worn by high school students. Even some colors of vests and ties become unavailable just because that happens to be a popular color in that particular year.

When is my Prom?

Here's what we know so far (we will update this list if we receive orders from any other schools):

  • South Park High School  - April 16, 2016
  • Eagle Valley Schools  - April 16, 2016 
  • Lake County High School  - April 23, 2016
  • Summit County High School - April 30, 2016

What if I know I'm going to prom, but I don't know what color dress my date will be wearing?

Not a problem. Come in now anyway! We can go ahead and order your tux so that you'll have a better chance of getting the jacket and pants you want. Then we'll help you select a nice vest and tie that will look classy with any color of dress. This will be your "placeholder" tie and vest, so you'll at least have something reserved. Then if you do decide you want to switch to a different color, just give us a call or come in with a swatch, dress, or picture of the dress, and we can update your order. 

Secondly, it's not necessary these days to be all matchy-matchy with your date. It's perfectly acceptable to wear a neutral, classy color for your tie and/or vest no matter what color dress your date will be wearing.

When do I pay for my tux?

We ask for a $40 deposit when you place your order. The remaining balance is due when you pick it up. Of course, you're welcome to pay in advance, which can save you a little time when you come to pick it up.

When do I pick up my tux?

The tuxedos are shipped from Kansas and they arrive at our shop a few days prior to the event. Typically this means Wednesday, but with prom the time frame tends to get a little tighter. As long as it wasn't a last-minute order, they will almost always arrive by Thursday. We'll call you just as soon as it gets here, so that you can come try everything on and make sure it works.

When do I need to return it?

If possible, tuxedos should be returned on Sunday, the day after prom. Because they need those tuxes for next weekend's prom! However, if you need to return it a little late, please speak with us to make other arrangements. 

How much will it cost?

Please see our pricing information to get an idea of our price range. When you come in we can show you all the options. Jim's also has a prom special: for $99.95 you can get a complete ensemble with a black jacket, choice of pleated or flat front pants, shirt, tie and vest of your choice. Although you don't get to choose the style of coat, you know it will be a black tuxedo jacket...so if you hate making decisions or having to pick a first, second and third favorite, this might be just the deal for you.

Can my friend and I dress up as the guys from Dumb and Dumber?

As a matter of fact, you can! If you're wanting to go for something less conventional, we can order tuxes in light blue and orange, including the ruffled shirt and large bow tie. We also have camouflage tuxes and accessories, and even a red tuxedo jacket. If you're wanting one of these items, just ask us, because you won't see most of these in our regular tuxedo catalog.

Also, there's a good chance these will go fast, so if you want an unusual color for your tux, don't delay!

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 970-668-5732


(Did we say that already?)





Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Summit County, Colorado

When it comes to celebrating the big holidays, any major city or town will have fun events happening. Christmas is Christmas no matter where you are in the country. However, minor holidays, like St. Patrick's Day, can be celebrated very differently depending on where you are. Some towns don't have any official events to celebrate the Irish in all of us. Other cities go all out with parades, pub crawls and plenty of wild Irish fun around every corner.

Need something green to wear? How about these fuzzy moose socks?

Need something green to wear? How about these fuzzy moose socks?

Summit County, Colorado tends to go all out for the wearing of the green. It so happens that the holiday falls right in the middle of our spring break season and being a resort area, there are usually lots of people ready to hit the town even when St. Pat's falls in the middle of the week. You'll see people hit the slopes at all of the local ski resorts in crazy leprechaun costumes. Many local restaurants will serve traditional Irish dinners including corn beef and cabbage or shepherd's pie. The Irish pubs are usually packed, and other bars will serve green beer and offer great discounts on Irish whiskey. (Keep in mind that drinking alcohol at high altitudes is an entirely different experience, so you might want to take it a little easier than you normally might on this holiday.)

Of course, half the fun is just seeing the way the Irish Spirit travels all throughout Summit County. Many businesses decorate for the holiday and sell special St. Patrick's Day inspired items that would be a wonderful souvenir of the year you spent St. Patrick's Day partying with the mountain folk! (Be prepared, mountain folk know how to party!)

Be sure to wear your green prominently to avoid friendly pinches, and book your hotel early if you want to enjoy St. Patrick's day in the sun and snow. It so happens we just got tons of new snow, and we are expecting some sunshine the next couple of days. So it's a great time to come visit!

If you need a little something green to enhance your St. Patty's outfit, we have green socks, green t-shirts, and plenty of green jewelry!

Five Creative Winter Date Ideas in Summit County, Colorado

Snowy weather offers the perfect excuse to cuddle up with a special someone in front of a fire, enjoying a seasonal movie and a cup of hot cocoa or glass of wine. 

But winter is also when Summit County comes out to play. If you're a couple who prefers to pursue adventure, there are tons of fun winter activities to do together in Frisco, Breckenridge, Keystone and the rest of Summit County. Check out these ideas for some creative wintertime dates.

Super cool fire art in Breckenridge

Super cool fire art in Breckenridge

1. Cuddle Up for a Sleigh Ride

From mid-November through mid-April, Frisco-based Two Below Zero offers dinner sleigh rides. The 2 1/4-hour event features a scenic sleigh ride, a three-course, home-cooked meal, and live entertainment. The sleigh company even offers vegetarian and gluten-free options with advance notice, and wine and beer is available for purchase.

If you're not in the mood for dinner, you can also enjoy a scenic ride with hot cocoa (spiked with Peppermint Schnapps for adults). And for a special fee, schedule a private, 45-minute sleigh ride that seats up to four -- maybe a romantic double date is in your future?

2. Enjoy a Winter Stroll on Frisco Main Street

Whether it's a sunshiny day or a frosty winter night, Frisco's Main Street has a small-mountain-town charm that's hard to beat. We leave our holiday lights up for months, because it usually remains a winter wonderland throughout much of April.

Frisco also hosts events throughout the year, like Wassail Days, when businesses all over town  serve up hot spiced cider, known as wassail, for 10 days each December. Each business has its own secret recipe, and visitors are encouraged to try at least 12 to earn a commemorative mug.

Along with the wassail, you'll enjoy events like a tree-lighting ceremony on historic Main Street, soup tasting and ugly sweater contests. And, of course, walking between the shops, restaurants and galleries that offer wassail is the perfect time to get in some hand-holding.

3. Explore Together While Cross-Country Skiing

With four Nordic centers in Summit County, there are miles upon miles of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails. Unlike snowboarding and downhill skiing, these two slower sports offer plenty of opportunities to pause and take in the gorgeous scenery of winter -- preferably together and in a secluded location.

Pack a thermos of hot cocoa and enjoy a chilly outdoor adventure at the resort of your choice. When you've had enough of the winter air and solitude, head to a nearby restaurant at one of the resort centers or nearby Frisco or Breckenridge to warm up.

4. Take in Breathtaking Works of Fire and Ice

Downtown Breckenridge is another charming mountain locale, just a short 15-minute drive from Frisco. A block from Main Street, the Breckenridge Arts District is exploding with events, workshops and performances, providing an ongoing schedule of activities that could make for an excellent date. 

Every year in late January and early February, the International Snow Sculpture Championships are held in Breckenridge. Artists' incredible creations grow out of the snow to create a surreal, fascinating outdoor gallery. In recent years, the competition has coincided with Breck Create's Fire Arts Festival, a four-day exhibition by fire-themed performers, artists and sculptors, musicians and artisans. 

5. Celebrate With Your Valentine Under the Moonlight

After a fun day of activities, it's time to relax and enjoy a delicious meal at one of Summit County's many restaurants. If you happen to be in town for Valentine's Day, be sure to make dinner reservations in advance. Many places have special menus just for Valentine's. At Copper Mountain's Solitude Station you'll find a romantic selection of fine wines and cheeses, caprese, a delicious buffet dinner and miniature desserts. Dinner is served with one alcoholic drink or hot cider and live music. Then, ski back down the mountain to enjoy an evening in the village.

The natural beauty, snow-capped peaks and historic buildings make Summit County, Colorado a romantic setting for couples to take a break from the hectic pace of life and have fun together. These are just a few ideas for romantic winter dates--the possibilities are pretty much endless!