Seasonal Decorating Tips for Your Colorado Condo

Happy autumn! What a wonderful time of year it is for amping up your home decor. Whether your condo is a well-deserved vacation retreat, a weekend hideaway, or your permanent residence, the upcoming holidays warrant a little seasonal flair.

These Mixture Candles make a simple statement. They're made with 100% soy wax, and they smell absolutely amazing.

These Mixture Candles make a simple statement. They're made with 100% soy wax, and they smell absolutely amazing.

The next few months are all about color, comfort and childhood memories. This is the time of year most people begin to think about holiday decorations. With strategic planning and a little creativity, you can have a classy look that will take you straight into the new year. Here are a few suggestions that add some flair with little investment.

  • Simple is always classic and beautiful - keep it classy, keep it natural and keep it fresh.

  • Concentrate on just one or two areas and create small vistas, or focal points of interest. Begin with some basics, then embellish.

  • A classically set dining table gives your home a welcoming feel. Use gold chargers and simple white china. Crystal candlesticks and a large clear vase are all you need for the beginnings of several distinct looks.

  • In November, cinnamon colored cloth napkins and candles add the pop of color. Scout out the thrift stores for an old cable knit sweater in a warm honey tone. Cut off the sleeves and slip one over the vase; then fill it with branches of colorful leaves. Flank the centerpiece with small pumpkins.

  • In December, use deep green napkins tied with red ribbons, or use rustic napkin rings. Place a glass filled with Christmas tree branches inside the large vase. Fill the space between the branches with peppermint candy. Use a white permanent marker to stripe red candles and add a few small wrapped gifts to the tablescape.

  • A mantle or an entryway table is an area where you can let your imagination run wild. A small red wagon filled with apples and a jar of candy corn is perfect for November. In December, layer it with classic children's holiday storybooks and a few stuffed teddy bears.

Timeless holiday decor for small spaces doesn't need to be expensive or labor intensive. Just think simple. If you're looking for some candles, napkin rings, or the perfect item for your focal point, visit our gift shop for some simple and unique ideas.