Frisco Fun & Formal has been offering formal wear services for Summit County residents and visitors since 1987. We would be happy to assist you with your special event. Please review the following information as it will hopefully answer many of the questions you may have about the process and pricing.


We are a gift shop/tux rental business located in a small mountain town. As you might imagine, there is a limited demand for men's formal clothing here. Therefore, we don't have many tuxedos or other accessories here at the shop. Usually, we place orders through Jim's Formal Wear and they are shipped to us from a warehouse in Kansas. That's why it is very important to plan ahead!


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When you need something formal to wear and you don't own it (or don't have it with you) we can help! Jim's Formal Wear offers a variety of dress clothes for any of these occasions. We need at least a few days' notice (at least a week if you want to avoid extra shipping costs) but we can order what you need and have it here when you need it. We do have a limited supply of clothing on site, so once in a while we are able to put together a last minute ensemble. However, there are absolutely no guarantees on this as we do not have every size available here at the shop.


If you're interested in buying a tuxedo or suit, we have plenty of options available. Prices range from $169.99 to $349.98 for a coat and pants. We also have accessories available for purchase, including shirts, ties and shoes.


If you're planning a wedding or any event with multiple tuxedo orders, it's best to start the process as early as possible. You might begin picking out styles and making decisions six months to a year before the event. We prefer to place the order two to three months in advance. This makes it more likely that the styles, colors and sizes you want will be available. 

In order to avoid rush shipping charges, we need to put your order in at least a week before the date of use. After that time, rush fees range from $20 to upwards of $70 per suit as the date gets closer. So while it is POSSIBLE to order something two days before the event, it is much more expensive--and it can also be very stressful!


To place an order, we need to have a rental agreement form filled out and signed, along with a credit card to keep on file.

We will also need all of your style choices and everyone's measurements.


The very best option is to get your measurements taken here at our shop, 299 Main St. in Frisco (on the corner of Third Avenue and Main). Our hours are 10-6 every day except Sunday, when we are open from 10-4. 

However, we realize that not everyone is going to be able to come into our shop for measurements, so you can also send measurements to us via email or phone. (There is a $10 surcharge added for each individual who sends in measurements rather than being measured here.) If you can find a Jim’s Formal Wear retailer in your area, that is the best choice. The next best place to go for measurements is a professional tailor or menswear specialist.

It's very important that you are measured by a professional. Please don't try to guess your measurements. 

Note: When you are being measured, double-check to make sure the numbers make sense to you. If you normally wear a 32 waist and they measure you at 38, ask if you can try on a pair of pants just to make sure.


We are a Jim’s Formal Wear dealer. Click here to see all the styles and accessories.

The different tuxes and suits are organized into different collections. Budget Basic comes with any tie and a backless black vest or cummerbund, while Budget Premium allows you to choose any vest. For all other collections you can choose any vest and tie.

Basic shirts are included in the price, while microfiber shirts are $6 extra. Microfiber shirts are available in regular or fitted style.

All of our prices are $40 less than the suggested retail price.

Our rental prices for each collection:

Collection                   Coat Only                Complete Ensemble (not including shoes)

Budget Basic                  $48                               $74.95

Budget Premium            N/A                               $94.95

Gold                                $60                               $104.95

Platinum                          $82                              $129.95

Diamond                         $90                              $134.95

Diamond Plus                 $96                              $139.95

Upgrade to Microfiber shirt        $8

Add Shoes to ensemble        $22/$25

Add pocket square to ensemble     $7.99 purchase only    

Upgrade to premium cufflinks/studs    $6

ADW (Accidental Damage Waiver) fee added to all orders     $7

Measurement Surcharge (for measurements not taken at our shop)     $10

Drop Ship Fee (if tuxedo is sent to location other than our shop)    $10

Rush Fee (for orders placed less than one week in advance)     $20 - $70

***These prices do not include sales tax, which is 8.375%.***

For more information about the rental process, please read our blog post So You Want to Rent Tuxes for Your Wedding...

If you have any questions at all, please call, email, or come into the store and we will be happy to help you!

A Word About Our Prices

We strive to provide our customers with quality products and service at a reasonable cost. We believe our prices are competitive when compared with other companies, and we do encourage potential customers to shop around and compare the various options. We want our customers to be happy and not have to spend a fortune on weddings and other formal events, yet still manage to pay our own expenses. It is our hope and our intention to continue providing this service for our mountain community for many years to come.